Monday, July 25, 2016

tineke at eleven months

 At eleven months, Tineke loves to play with her friend Kem a lot! She seems to pick up something new from him every time they're together.

 Visiting Grammie & Grandpa is a favourite activity. She especially loves to find all sorts of naughty places to play. I'm not sure Grammie appreciated the "help" with Sunday's dishes.

Ugh. Teeth. This past month she popped her second tooth and is very close to popping three and four. The last week she has been running a low fever and sobbing every time we put her down.

The tears are not constant, thankfully. She's so happy to be climbing around the house! Up the stairs, around the sofas and coffee tables, etc.

Last week Shayne took vacation (ha) to build our monstrous deck! He is nearly finished - just one set of stairs and the railings to complete and then it's a matter of letting the wood dry out before we can stain it. Tineke absolutely LOVED having Daddy home to watch, and I welcomed the distraction as well!

You'd never know from this picture that I had 60 crying, wiggling, crawling away shots and only 3 semi-worthy photos!

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