Thursday, June 23, 2016

tineke at ten months

Tineke is ten months old today! She now has one tooth, eats pureed food twice/day (willingly!! hallelujah!!), can climb the stairs and pull herself up on anything that doesn't move. She waves hi/bye and can say daddy & hi. This little girl is down to two naps a day, which frees us up to do so much more with our lives! Her favourite activity is going outside. She doesn't care if it's getting the mail, going for a walk, or being allowed to crawl in the grass - if she's outside, she's happy! Tineke has begun to display a temper, and although she is quick to anger, she cools down quickly as well. She understands the word "no", and this is often the cause of her anger - we're working on it. ;) Tina loves people, so the busyness of church is a highlight of her week. She also loves visiting Grammie & Grandpa's farm, even though their dog doesn't love her nearly as much as she loves it. 

With summer's arrival on the Island, we are excited to try new activities! I have 2 months until I'm back to work, and in that time we plan to pack in many beach trips, hikes, walks, and visits with friends.
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