Tuesday, February 23, 2016

tineke at six months

Happy half birthday, little girl! Where has the time gone? Your days are filled with exploration, development of new skills, laughter and thankfully, sleep!

In the last month, Tineke has learned to grab toys on purpose and is working on sitting up by herself. She has also begun to squirm backwards and in circles, but can't figure out moving forward quite yet. She has tried food but hasn't found anything that she loves. We're still working on it. I've figured out that pureed foods don't have as much of a draw as whole foods but I am hesitant to give her anything that's too hard or big. Last night she gnawed on a slice of apple and this afternoon ate tiny pieces of banana. She gags on oatmeal no matter what consistency I make it and hates strawberries and cauliflower. 

We're not sure if Tineke is cutting teeth or not; she gets red cheeks from time to time and continues to suck/chew on her fingers but I don't see anything coming through yet.

And that's that! Another month older - time ticks on and I do my best to cherish each day that I'm blessed to stay home with her.
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