Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tineke at four months

Tineke had a really big month! She has accomplished several new skills, including rolling over (both front to back AND back to front), sleeping in the crib, and getting the hang of nursing at last! She accomplished all of these things within one week. Go big or go home!! The following week was a pretty cranky one as she adjusted to all her new skills, but we're on the up and up once again.

She is a generally smiley little girl, and her giggles & screams of delight are the highlight of my day. This age is so much fun! I am truly thankful that we are past the newborn stage. Sure, I miss the squishy little babe that came home from the hospital four months ago, but we have happily traded in the woes of acid reflux and the "fourth trimester" and eagerly embraced this stage of daily discovery.

Happy four months to our beautiful little girl!

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