Monday, November 2, 2015

Tineke at Two Months

Tina's two months old! Well, she has been since October 23rd, but I'm dreadfully late in posting about her new accomplishments.

Baby acne is no more! Crossed eyes are also becoming a thing of the past. Tina only crosses them when she's really tired now. Or when she's pooping. It's part of the poop face. ;)

Tina still really loves her swing and usually has at least her morning nap in it. She's starting to settle into a napping schedule - up by 8 for about an hour, a long morning nap followed by a couple hours of wake time, then a shortish nap, up for a little while, and another shortish nap. Then she stays up 'til about 8, so the evening hours can be pretty cranky. Tina has started surprising us with an 8 or 9 hour night once a week. Usually it's Sunday because they are such exhausting days for her. I'm thankful for those nights because I come out feeling well rested, too!

Tina is allowed in our bedroom once a week - Saturday morning - for some giggles and cuddles! On this particular morning she conked out again from all the fun!

Tina definitely prefers her mom, but is pretty good with her dad too. She will stare at him with intense eyes & occasionally even smiles for him.

My goofy little girl! Love her wide range of expressions.

Our first family photo! We definitely missed out on newborn photos, but hopefully we'll get our act together before Christmas so I can send out a photo card. 

Big smiles, crazy eyes, and now cooing & gurgling with the occasional giggle are becoming daily occurrences in this house. It's fulfilling to see a happy baby from time to time so I try to document those happy times as often as I can!

Hehe - my baby looks like she partied a little too hard. ;)

Tineke and I took a nice long walk up to our neighbour's house a few weeks ago. She loves outside and being cuddled with mama in the wrap. She doesn't love being still so if I wear her at home I have to keep moving. I wore her at the grocery store last week and she loved it! So many people and things to see! I also got a lot of compliments from people (especially older women) who thought it was "so nice" that I was wearing my baby. Baby wearing for the win!

Tina can be on her own for a few minutes at a time now! Woohoo!! She likes her vibrating bouncy seat, especially when its paired with TV and a soother. Sometimes we get 15 minutes of happy alone time! I usually fold laundry or wash dishes so she can still see me & that seems to help extend our time, too.

Lest I lead you astray into thinking I have a totally happy baby, here's a picture of reality!! If Tina doesn't like something SHE LETS YOU KNOW. She goes from happy to mad in 5 seconds & its difficult for her to calm down when she's gotten so upset. In particular she doesn't like the car seat, and she lets us know by screaming at the top of her lungs for most of every car trip. It's pretty awful and often leads to more than one of us crying, so we're trying a few different car seats to see if that helps. I've also started sitting in the back seat to try to calm her down (and re-insert the soother) but we haven't found a great solution yet. We're trying to avoid buying a convertible car seat since they're expensive and a bit of a pain with a newborn, although I've heard from many women that it made a huge difference with their little ones. Perhaps when she learns to soothe herself things will be better. Until then...we soldier on.

Here she is, our beautiful, smiley, tall and skinny little Tineke Katherine at two months old! She weighs 10 lbs 6 oz and is in the 90th percentile for length. Overall she's in the 20th percentile for size but my public health nurse told me not to be concerned because it's probably just her genetics since I'm built the same way. We did manage to put away the newborn clothes midway through the month, and we've found that Carter's clothes fit the best for now!

We love our Tina!

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  1. Oh Sarah! My kids didn't mind the carseat if the car was moving or if they had fallen asleep but once they woke up and as they got older they needed a distraction of hangin toys or a mirror...
    She is growing up so fast! It's such a blessing that your have a little girl! Looks like fun!


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