Monday, November 23, 2015

Tineke at Three Months

Three months is a happy milestone! At three months, Tineke can roll onto her side, entertain herself on the activity mat for up to a half hour, bounce in the jolly jumper, "talk" to anyone who will listen, and smile at everyone she sees.

About two weeks ago, we put Tineke on reflux medication, and since then we have had a changed baby. Gone are the hours of crying for no reason! She is so easy to read now, and it makes it easier for Shayne and I to relax a bit. Her happiness is contagious! Her whole body gets involved in a smile, almost like she's silently giggling. She's also ticklish, so that's fun.

Tineke and I visited my family in Ontario for a week this past month. She had a great time with Oma and Opa and all her aunts and uncles! Tina slept well thanks to a borrowed pack n play and swing. I especially enjoyed how Oma and Opa played with Tina in the morning so I could sleep a bit longer.

Tina has been fighting a cold since the end of October but it doesn't seem to bother her much. Snot bubbles are pretty gross though! Poor baby.

One of Tina's favourite activities is to watch TV. She could seriously watch as long as I let her. Maybe even an hour at a time. I try not to let her watch too much, but it certainly buys us a few extra minutes of happy before nap time! 

Speaking of nap time, she's got a good routine going on, so I try to stay home as much as possible to help her keep it up. However, nights aren't great yet. She's still up two-three times each night. Meh. It won't last forever.

We had a three month checkup with our family doctor on Thursday and it turns out Tina hasn't gained any weight since she had her two month immunizations in October. I sat her down for a good talking to and said we have to concentrate on gaining weight in the next three weeks (we have another checkup) because she is three months and not even 11 lbs yet! Skinny minny. ;) At least we're getting good wear out of her clothes! She currently wears a few items that she's had since birth, and if we didn't cloth diaper, most of her pants would fall right off her bum.

One more photo before I close: baby selfies! Tineke absolutely loves to see herself in the camera and hams it up every time. She can be mid cry, see herself, and instantly start smiling! Silly, loveable girly!

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