Thursday, May 7, 2015

Advice to my 23 year old self: the Lord is always faithful

Looking back...when I was 23, I thought I knew everything. I thought I was successful, invincible and oh so HOT!! I had HUGE 80’s platinum blonde hair.  I wore HUGE 80’s shoulder pads in all my neon colored NYC fashions. 

I was also newly married. We had just purchased our first home, which I decorated with lots of hearts and stenciling and loved painting with all those popular “country colors”.

Now that it is 21 years later, I realize I knew nothing. I had no children to love. I was self-consumed and my priorities were twisted like a pretzel.  My relationship with the Lord consisted of all the things that I was supposed to do, things that made me look good in the eyes of all my friends. I was living in a bubble of comfort and ease. 

I had no idea back then the blessing of trials. The importance of seeing God’s faithful hand in the workings of our lives. The utter dependence one feels when life’s lows are lower than you could have ever imagined. Looking back, I must chuckle to think I knew anything about the amazing plan God had in store for me or how hard living out my faith would be.

Life has surprised me over the last 21 years. There has been loss and pain and humiliation and amazement. However, through it all, my God has been “my Rock & my Redeemer”. So, if I was allowed go back and give myself one bit of advice it would be: “don’t be afraid to: ask for help, to cry out for the Lord and TRUST that His plans are always better than mine and that He is ALWAYS faithful.”  


I've been so blessed to live with Albert and Sue for the last month. Seeing their family's interaction, as well as the whole-hearted service to others into which they pour themselves has been a wake up call to me, to see how I can be a better blessing to others around me as well.

Sue is outgoing, kind, crafty (if you've ever seen her stampin' up room you know what I mean!!) and a huge book fan. She teaches teachers, and is currently working on her Ph.D. All kinds of smart, people.

Thanks, Sue, for taking time to share some advice! 

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