Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Advice to my 23 year old self: get involved!

I've been trying to think back that far as to what exactly I was doing at age 23 LOL!! I guess that would have been 1979, so in July Tim would have been born! That is 33 years ago this past summer. I was busy trying to figure out little kids (I was more into playing baseball outside with the boys than playing with dolls when I was younger!) I never did much babysitting, so babies always intimidated me quite a bit. Even now, I love my grandkids, but enjoy them mostly at an older age...I look forward to when they are teenagers LOL

Thinking back on that time, I remember one thing vividly that I learned around that age that it's much better to get out and do something for someone else than sit at home feeling sorry for yourself or bogged down! As a young Mom I felt quite isolated at times, but would invite a friend over for coffee, or make supper for someone. It gets your mind off your own issues and you bless someone else.

My motto was always, "There's more to life than housework" and that included friends who were welcome to drop by anytime of day regardless if the house was cleaned up or not. However, you can only do that to a point eh? You do need to try to keep on top of the dishes and laundry to feel in control of your housekeeping. This is something I still keep working on as procrastination is one of my big temptations. 

For any age group, keeping in the Word of God is critical! Get involved in something in the Church and another charitable organization to 'do your part'.

Keep your eye on God to lead you through life keeping your eyes open for new opportunities to serve him while being faithful to present commitments. Go with the flow, keeping your eyes focused on Jesus!

"Aunt" Jacqui

P.S. That reminds me....adopt lots of nieces and nephews!!


Aunt Jacqui was my babysitter's mom, my mom's friend, and just another lady from church until I caught the sewing bug! I have spent many a night at her house, thoroughly enjoying her big sewing room,  learning many important life lessons - and even some times sewing tips. ;) (I attribute all I know about quilting to her!)

You can read her sewing adventures over at Treadle Quilts 

Thanks, Aunt Jacqui for your advice!!

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