Thursday, May 28, 2015

advice to my 23 year old self: And now, a letter to myself.


I have been so blessed by the beautiful words of wisdom expressed over the last two weeks! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the ladies who participated. I'm humbled by your willingness to work with me on the half-idea which has unfolded before us.

I'll link to each of the contributions at the end of this post, but first, I wanted to share my own little letter to myself.


Dear self,
Today you turn twenty-three. As this is the entirety of your life, it feels like a loooong time. However, take a moment to think on all that God has taught you in these years. Realize that time has a way of ticking on, and embrace each moment to come for they will too quickly pass away.

Remember how ten years ago, you were "finally" a teenager? Ready to tackle the world, and much smarter than your parents? Be thankful that God has taught you of your own insignificance since that day.

Remember all those days spent boasting in your own strength, those selfish pity parties in which you wallowed when life got out of control? Be thankful for the measure of sanctification which God has provided since then. Strive daily to be humble and accept life as God directs it.

Please remember to draw close to God when life hurts. Don't pull away. Since your last birthday, life has had many ups and downs. God has remained faithful. He has taught, corrected, and blessed. Remember this. The same goes for relationships. People may come and go in life, distance may part you - but true friendships last; they are worth the extra effort to keep. They are gifts from God.

Don't store treasure on earth. Literally, because moving stuff takes a lot of work. And mentally, because we are not here to stay.

Sarah, you have a long journey toward completion. God knows how much sin still lives in your life. How much you have yet to surrender to God; how much is yet to be put to death. Do not despair. Fight the good fight of faith, for in doing so, you will draw near unto God and He to you.

Now, get on out there and have a great day - close friends and great music await!

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