Monday, April 20, 2015

our honeymoon on cape breton island

What an appropriate post to write on the 3rd anniversary of our first date - our honeymoon! :)

Following our wedding, we drove off to Cape Breton for a week of relaxation in a cabin on the top of a mountain. For those of you who live in actual mountains, I should clarify - it's really like a large hill, but compared to what we have on Prince Edward Island, this was a mountain! 

These pictures are in a strange order and I'm not sure how to change them around, so bear with me. Instead of captions I'll summarize for you. We visited the Alexander Graham Bell museum, Baadeck Yarns (of course I dragged my new hubby into a yarn store!! He was a good sport about it, too), ate such good food at so many great restaurants, failed miserably at trying to take pictures of ourselves together, drove the Cabot Trail, went to the Sydney Miner's Museum (think short thoughts if you ever do this - you will be bending over for most of the time!), built campfires, relaxed at the cabin, watched several movies, and talked about everything under the sun.

It was a beautiful week. I have treasured memories from our honeymoon - our first trip away together as a couple, solidifying our love of road trips!

Enjoy the pictures!

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