Wednesday, April 1, 2015

living by the sea: our bedroom & more!

Once upon a time, this room was an old man's office. Before we walked through, his family had removed his pictures and hangings from the wall, but when we took possession of the house, it became our job to remove approximately 100 nails, pins, and screws from the walls! 

This room is off the living room, in the "new" part of the house. We opened up the wall with the closets and turned it into one big closet, and my husband installed lights in the ceiling and on either side of our bed. They even have a dimmer switch. He's the best!

Underneath the bedroom & living room is our garage. We call it that because it has a garage door, but you couldn't fit a vehicle in it if you tried. Unless it was a smart car, maybe. We have cleaned out most of the junk and the rest is waiting for our spring catch-all garbage collection day. Shayne can work on his bike in here, and it's been an integral part of our renovation process! Our furnaces and oil tank are in the garage, which takes up a lot of space!

So now you've seen the main level of our house - we'll take one quick tour of the basement next time, and then you've truly seen my home!

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