Tuesday, April 7, 2015

living by the sea: down the hall & the music room

Today I'm continuing my tour of our home - at least, what it looked like when we bought it a year ago! Things are so much different today, I can hardly believe it used to look like this.

(Yes, I know I said yesterday was the last post...apparently I missed a big section of the main floor so there is one more post in this house tour series!)

See what I mean by all the carpet? Ugh. So gross. And that yellow on the walls...don't get me started. 

Our bathroom with it's picture perfect (ha) tub! What a pity that the blue tub and toilet are in great shape. They will be sticking around for a few years yet.

However, the blue floral wall paper and the oddly placed hanging light fixture had to go! it's the only change we've made to the bathroom so far, but it's been a great improvement already.

Next to the bathroom is a small, square bedroom. Baby D will call this his/her room come August. Don't you just love that beeeeautiful wallpaper?

Across the hall is what used to be the master bedroom. I am converting it to a workspace for myself. Again, more ugly carpet and faded wallpaper. So lovely?!

But the window! Oh my, how I love the natural light.

Our music room also has beautiful, large windows. X marked the spot only for a few days, but Shayne finished the room around Christmas time. It's dropped down about a foot so the ceilings are higher in this room than in the others. It's a great place for our piano, organ, violin, ukelele, bass guitar, and trombone...and any other musical instruments we can manage to collect over the years!

What do you think? Can you see all the potential that I did? It's been a lot of work and sometimes I can't see to the end of it, but one project at a time, we are bringing the house into this century!

Next up? The dining room and kitchen!


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