Thursday, April 16, 2015

Advice to my 23 year old self: God knows the plans he has for you

My 23rd birthday was quite memorable for one main reason: I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first child, and had no idea how much of a change becoming a mother would make on my life! 16 days later, we had our beautiful baby boy and life as I knew it changed forever. In that way, 23 was a big year for me.

A little background: I got married at 19, moved 3000 km from 'home' (the US) to Canada, and started a whole new life. I was still riding the wave of confidence and security that had carried me through high school, when life was 'easy' (if only I had known and appreciated it then!) through the first years of marriage and life in a new place...but at the age of 23, that 'confidence' was challenged as I experienced something that nothing in my life could have prepared me for: motherhood.

Before that 23rd birthday, and the soon following birth of my son, I could meet almost any challenge head on. I think the birth of my son was the first big event in my life that had really 'rattled my cage' and shown me that I did NOT know it all. Not that he was a difficult baby, actually he was pretty good...but when another life is fully dependant on you for their survival, you can't help feeling the weight and importance of responsibility.

I think that I needed that...that situation that shook up my sweet little life, and showed me that I didn't know it all...couldn't do it all without help...needed to rely on others & God for help.

Now, facing motherhood is not something I expect you'll face this year, but it's just one example of a situation that can SO shake you to the core that you don't know how to deal with it....moving, being away from loved ones, jobs, finances, and so much more...any of these things can make you question the security and the confidence that you have as a child of the Saviour. My 'advice' (and I really feel inadequate to give ANY) is that when one of the world-rocking challenges comes, cling fast to the knowledge that God has led you here. He has led you down the path He indended for you to go, and has prepared you for the work that He has for you to do...He 'Knows the plans I have for you, declares the Lord' and it is no mistake that you are where you are.

Now, I am 28, and ironically enough, pregnant with my 3rd child. I don't have it all figured out...I don't think I ever will, at least I hope not. Because when you face life feeling like you know it all, there is no room for God. He needs to break us down so that there is room for Him in there. It's terrifying and frustrating, expecially for a 'control freak' like me...but it is God's work in us to do.


Many thanks to Heather for sharing some valuable advice today! And she's right, I'm not expecting to face motherhood this year (or any time soon!) but the advice to trust God's plan carries through all aspects of life.

Heather is mom to Willem and Adlih, wife to Randall, and a creative sewing genius. Randall and Heather are expecting Baby #3 this winter. The kids are excited to be getting a "boy baby."

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