Thursday, March 26, 2015

living by the sea: our front entry

A year ago we purchased our home and immediately set about changing things! Over the next little while I'll be posting some before shots. Our not-so-little home by the sea came at the right price, but looked like it belonged to the wrong decade! Yellow walls with a dusty rose door, and oh that delightful carpet! It didn't just stop at the front entrance. Our entire home was filled with old, dusty, smelly carpet, which we promptly tore up the first weekend we owned the house.

This red carpet goes through most of the basement, but we're not ready to renovate it yet. The carpet is in really good shape and doesn't look too terrible if I keep it vacuumed. 

The carpet on the stairs up to the dining room came out right away, but that is the only thing we've done to the entrance as far as renovations are concerned. It's the only space on our main floor that remains untouched right now, but we have plans to fix it up this spring.

More of the tour to come later!

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