Friday, July 25, 2014

Settling in.

Sipping sweet strawberry wine, overlooking Rear Big Hill in Baddeck NS, on our honeymoon.

Hey guys! We are back from our honeymoon! Actually we've been back for almost a week. It's been a busy one and it doesn't help that I've been dragging through it! But, our home is finally starting to look like we live there. We've got pockets of beautiful spaces, like half our bedroom, and part of our living room, and one small space on our kitchen counter. Little by little though, we're making progress!

We had a great trip to Cape Breton the week after our wedding. Our cabin in the woods had a beautiful view (you can see a little from the above picture.) We relaxed, toured around, and enjoyed our first week of marriage - but were both ready to get home and settle into real life! I hope to share some pictures when we have internet hooked up at our place.

For now, I'll leave you with the one sneak peek from our wedding day. Our photographer, Simon Reid, was great to work with and we are excited to see the rest of the images!!

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