Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Life lately

Life lately: busy! In the last four weeks, we've been working a lot and sleeping only a little.

On the home front:
  • The wallpaper on our main level now lives in the garbage pile with all the old carpet. Hooray!
  • The walls have been patched and sanded.
  • The closet in our master bedroom has been opened way up, framed in, drywalled, mudded, and sanded.
  • Shayne mapped out a big change to the electrical in our bedroom, which involved making two switched plugs constant, installing boxes for wall sconces above our bed (with a dimming light switch!), wiring up the closet so that a light comes on when you open the doors, and adding ceiling lights - which were not popular in the 1970s, apparently.
  • He also installed ceiling lights in our living room. These weren't nearly as much work as in the bedroom as he had already figured out what to do & how to do it by that point.
  • This week, we're planning to clean, seal, prime, and paint our bedroom!

On the wedding front:
  • We're down to less than 90 days til I'm his Mrs.! :)
  • We made and mailed our wedding invitations! I have a handful that still need to be delivered, but all those requiring postage were mailed before Canada Post hiked the rates on March 31st. We've even received several RSVPs already.
  • I picked up my dress from the bridal shop. There are a few alterations to be done, but it fits so well and I'm very excited.
  • I signed the contract for the reception hall.
  • I ordered a photo guest book for our ceremony & reception from Picaboo and it turned out really cute!
  • I have started having stressed out wedding nightmares! One was a dress disaster, and another had to do with the wedding ceremony.
  • We booked our honeymoon!!!

On the life front:
  • I've hardly had two minutes to think about doing anything crafty so there's nothing to report there.
  • I did manage to catch up on my laundry for about a day.
  • My wisdom teeth came out on Friday, and I've had a relatively easy recovery, for which I am thankful! 
  • Shayne & I have a date scheduled for this weekend. We're celebrating 2 years together!

PS: like the face lift?
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