Tuesday, October 1, 2013

our trip to the netherlands: utrecht, the land of Shayne's forefathers!

Last time I left you, we were hopping on a train for Utrecht. We had trouble finding seats in our class until behold! Second floor seats! ......only half-way through did we realize we had upgraded ourselves to 1st class. ;)
 Once in Utrecht, we wandered around for a while. Neither of us really knew what we were doing in this city, except that we were told we should go, and also, that this is where Shayne's Grandpa DeHaan grew up. We decided to head toward the tower, and see what would come of that.
Rounding a few corners, we faced a behemoth cathedral, which we learned is called the Dom Cathedral. The tower is actually separated from the cathedral by a square, because a hurricane knocked through hundreds of years ago and the parishoners decided not to re-join the two.

 We were able to tour the church and learn some of its history. My favourite part (and I think Shayne's also) is the beautiful ornate organ. There's even an engraving next to the instrument listing all the organists who have served in this congregation for hundreds of years!

 Outside the cathedral is a beautiful garden. This quiet, enclosed space served many purposes over the years, including a hog market and military storage!
 Canals run through Utrecht just like in Amsterdam. What's neat about these canals, though, is that you can actually walk down to the water, where there are businesses and restaurants on a level under the streets!

After a long couple of days of walking and travelling, we were happy to sit down and rest a while...and enjoy panekoeken, of course! :)

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