Wednesday, October 2, 2013

our trip to the netherlands: hanging out

The evening before Stan & Marielle's wedding we hung out at "home" and enjoyed cheese and wine...a wonderful habit we picked up during our vacation! :)
Our generous hosts and dear friends, Solke & Gertrude!
(Also the parents of both grooms.)
 Brian and Martine, excited for Stanlielle, and anticipating their own day!

 I failed miserably to take any pictures on the day of the Stanlielle wedding. Here we have the only photographic evidence of the day...Shayne attaching the ribbons to the car, and Klaas giving me the look he gives every time I put the camera in front of him.

Stan and Marielle's wedding was fun! A true reflection of both their personalities, and a great introduction to a Dutch wedding! We celebrated long into the night, leaving us with little energy the next day.

Since energy levels were low we decided to spend a quiet day with friends. Shopping!! The girls went shopping and left the boys to their own devices for a couple of hours.
We really had no energy. Hanging out didn't last that long. We all parted ways to take naps or just plain go to bed!

Next time: visiting my Dad's hometown. VERY cool!!!!!!!

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