Tuesday, September 24, 2013

our trip to the netherlands

Wow. We're back from an amazing two-week vacation in Holland! This is the first time I can ever remember taking two whole weeks away from work to go anywhere. It's incredibly relaxing to unwind! Man oh man! We made a lot of memories, including being able to witness four good friends get married! That was the whole reason for going in the first place. Two best friends, Dutchies, married brothers, so now they are all one big happy family!

To start off the trip, we thought we'd get familiar with the area in which we were staying (Barneveld.) Rach, Shayne and I took an afternoon biking trip all around the area. 

 The fun thing about Holland is that bikers rule the road! I found it a bit scary, coming from North America where the biggest vehicles rule the road instead...but eventually started to get used to having the right of way. 
Tree lined roads not more than one lane wide cover the countryside of Holland. Biking down them is almost surreal. It definitely doesn't remind me of home! Wide open spaces are hard to find.

After a while we got thirsty, so we stopped in at this tiny little pub, where we were the only customers (it was only early afternoon) and had a drink. As you can see I was still dealing with a bit of jet lag; at this point I just really wanted a nap. We tried the best beer here: Hertog Jan! Smooooooth.

That night, Rachy got to experience riding a train for the first time ever! Here on PEI we don't have any railroads or trains. They were all pulled up years ago. So, we have an awesome walking/biking trail, but no trains...Anyway. She was very excited! And Shayne, well he must have been excited too, because I could only get silly faces out of him. We went out for dinner with a group of friends in Amersfoort, and even though it rained and we had to go to three different restaurants before finding an open one, we had a great night of catching up!

All that activity for one day...I slept WELL that night!! And the next day, Shayne and I were off to Amsterdam. Stay tuned!

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