Thursday, September 26, 2013

our trip to the netherlands: amsterdam, part 1

Early the next morning, we hopped on the train to Amsterdam to meet up with some friends who had been backpacking Europe.  The Amsterdam Centraal station is muge (massively huge!) and beautiful. It was really cool to walk through there and think of all the years of travellers whose feet have walked the same route as mine. 

After meeting up with Klaas & Nathan, we walked to the Heineken factory and did their tour. Because really, who wouldn't want to tour a beer factory in the morning? Especially when they offer you three beer included in your ticket price.....before lunch? (Not me. I stomached half a glass before deciding I had enough Heineken.)
The tour was pretty cool; you got to see how they make the beer, and walk through a bunch of memorabilia, etc. I was basically there because the boys wanted to go...haha. But don't worry. I made them do something I wanted to do in the afternoon!!

After a delicious lunch of snack bar frikandel speciaal (lekkerrrrrr) we took a canal cruise. One of the only times during the day that it wasn't drizzling! Obviously Nathan and Klaas didn't want their picture taken, but Shayne is getting used to my constant "quick, smile!" requests.

The homes in Amsterdam are so skinny and tall and old! It's fun to imagine all of the lives lived here in this city throughout the centuries. What kinds of characters used to walk these streets, float down these canals, dwell in these houses?
Because the homes are so thin, they have something called a hoisting beam attached to the top floor, to be able to bring up large items into the house. Or, in this case, to take out rubbish when doing renovations! It was fun to watch as they carefully moved this pile of garbage out the window and down to the street level without hitting any of the first or second floor windows.

More later...

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