Saturday, April 20, 2013

our story: one year of together

When I look back at the past twelve months, I have to catch my breath. Going from "finally getting a grip on being the only single one of my close (PEI) girlfriends" to "absolutely head over heels in love with the most amazing guy in the world" will knock you off your feet if you're not paying attention!

This handsome guy swooped in out of left field and stole my heart. Okay that's sappy. But so so true! Everyone with a relationship has their "our story" and they are all wonderful to read, but ours is my favourite. April 20 is our one-year-of-dating anniversary so what better time to share how we got started?

We met sometime during the summer of 2011 through Sunday night after church glow in the dark Ultimate Frisbee games in the back field. Hurry up summer, I miss those nights! Then we hung out a handful of times between summer and spring, but I didn't really think of him as anything more than "one of the guys."

THEN, my best friend went on a college recruitment trip down to Iowa (mainly to visit friends...I was sad to have to stay behind) last March. Shayne went on the same trip (to actually check out the college) and they decided to carpool to/from the airport since it's a three-hour trip.

When they came back from their really fun weekend, Rach mentioned casually (little matchmaker that she is) that we should invite Shayne to hang out with us more often, because he's a pretty cool guy. That was fine with me; I am a social bug so the more, the merrier!

I invited Shayne to hang out with us the following Sunday. We were at a friend's house between Sunday services, and had decided to adventure up and down their beach and in general enjoy the (rare) beautiful Spring weather. It was a typically fun afternoon, but especially so for me since someone caught my eye. We continued the fun through the evening and by the end of the night, I was absolutely sure that this guy was someone very special.

We sent text messages back and forth over the next two weeks, made dinner together a handful of times, and like good Canadians, watched NHL games like they were going out of style. We were quickly falling for each other.

For our first official date, we went to a really nice restaurant & to see the local high school rendition of Footloose - they did a great job, by the way. We talked and talked, and it was a wonderful night.

Even though we knew that in four months time he'd be going away to school in Iowa, we decided to make a go of it. Those months before he went to school were a dream - falling in love, becoming best friends, and spending all of our spare time together.

The fall came, and with it, four very sad and lonely months for both of us. Shayne figured out engineering isn't for him, and came back for good at Christmas. These last four months have been even better than the first four!

God worked wonders to bring us together. He is the founder of our relationship and the foundation of our lives, and I am incredibly thankful for the immense blessing that He gave to me in Shayne.

That's our far!
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