Thursday, January 10, 2013

i'm thankful for 2012

2012 was the year I really became a grown up.

I'm thankful that I lived on my own, and I'm thankful for the family who opened their doors to me when it became too lonely!

True friendships solidified, strengthened, and endured.

I only made one trip home, but three of my family members made it out here to visit and find out just what is so great about PEI.

I got back into the academic world (part time) and it's been a great decision!

Long weekends were the game plan: that trip home, a camping trip to welcome summer, and a road trip to see Needtobreathe in Maine were all highlights.

I turned 23 and got some pretty great advice from a whole lot of wise women...which I blogged all about.

2012 rocked my socks off. It also came with its fair share of trouble. Through it all, God has been faithful, as He promises to be, and I believe He continues to work in me to purify me for Himself. I'm a major work in progress, people! 

2013, what do you have in store for me? I can't wait to find out!!
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