Life Lately

April 15, 2014

Life lately: busy! In the last four weeks, we've been working a lot and sleeping only a little.

On the home front:
  • The wallpaper on our main level now lives in the garbage pile with all the old carpet. Hooray!
  • The walls have been patched and sanded.
  • The closet in our master bedroom has been opened way up, framed in, drywalled, mudded, and sanded.
  • Shayne mapped out a big change to the electrical in our bedroom, which involved making two switched plugs constant, installing boxes for wall sconces above our bed (with a dimming light switch!), wiring up the closet so that a light comes on when you open the doors, and adding ceiling lights - which were not popular in the 1970s, apparently.
  • He also installed ceiling lights in our living room. These weren't nearly as much work as in the bedroom as he had already figured out what to do & how to do it by that point.
  • This week, we're planning to clean, seal, prime, and paint our bedroom!

On the wedding front:
  • We're down to less than 90 days til I'm his Mrs.! :)
  • We made and mailed our wedding invitations! I have a handful that still need to be delivered, but all those requiring postage were mailed before Canada Post hiked the rates on March 31st. We've even received several RSVPs already.
  • I picked up my dress from the bridal shop. There are a few alterations to be done, but it fits so well and I'm very excited.
  • I signed the contract for the reception hall.
  • I ordered a photo guest book for our ceremony & reception from Picaboo and it turned out really cute!
  • I have started having stressed out wedding nightmares! One was a dress disaster, and another had to do with the wedding ceremony.
  • We booked our honeymoon!!!

On the life front:
  • I've hardly had two minutes to think about doing anything crafty so there's nothing to report there.
  • I did manage to catch up on my laundry for about a day.
  • My wisdom teeth came out on Friday, and I've had a relatively easy recovery, for which I am thankful! 
  • Shayne & I have a date scheduled for this weekend. We're celebrating 2 years together!

PS: like the face lift?

Taking a break.

March 18, 2014

Good morning!

I'm putting up the "Vacation" sign and logging out of all my social media accounts for a while. It may come as a surprise to some, because I'm naturally inclined to share what's going on in my life. However, lately I've felt pressure (that I put on myself) to keep up appearances, blog a lot, share everything...

...and I just need a break.

It's time to re-prioritize and focus on what's important in my life - and right now, that means my relationship with God, planning our wedding, renovating our house, and focusing on my face-to-face interactions with others.

I still plan to add items to my Shop, so check in every now and again to see what's new!

See you when I see you, interweb.

This girl is signing off.

home planning: dining room

March 13, 2014

Dreaming in the dining room begins with a table. I have a table that may do us for a little while, but it's not the right shape for the room, so it's going to look pretty funny. I love this Anthropologie knock-off, complete with plans, thanks to Ana White!

I love the white trim and airy blue walls in this dining room. Painted chairs are a plus as well!

DIY Wainscotting might be a nice idea for the dining room as well. It's an inexpensive way to give your rooms an upgraded look! No source for this image, so here's the pin.
I really like these light fixtures!!
This one's my favourite though. There's just so much goodness going on!

Well that was fun, but it's time to get back to reality!

a cozy for my coffee

March 12, 2014

One day last week, I sat down and crocheted with a co-worker. We do this from time to time, allowing a creative hour in our day to take a break from working. She wanted to work on a coffee cozy, and although my goal wasn't the same as hers, I ended up whipping this little cozy together!

My favourite detail is the colourful border. It "makes it" in my mind.

I'm listing it in the shop, so if you want this cozy to grace your coffee cup, you can make it yours!

our home: the dining room

March 11, 2014

Welcome to our dining room, in all its grandeur and glory! ;)

Did you know?? If you flip that oval rug up, it reveals an entirely different carpet colour! Woot woot, bet your house isn't that cool!

Behind those lovely curtains sits a deck that needs to come down, and soon. It's not safe to walk on anymore, so we'll have to tear it out this summer - with plans to replace down the line.

This is the first room you see when entering the house, so I hope to give it at least a fresh coat of paint and some new flooring before we move in this summer. The room has openings to the kitchen and the living room, which at least makes it feel a bit more open than it could, but we are thinking about ways to connect the rooms even more. For now, though, it's all painting and new flooring - (re)moving walls may come at a later date.

Oh hey there, old lady handle. Making an appearance again, are we?