Wednesday, March 23, 2016

tineke at seven months

This little lady is another month older today! She is full of life and laughter, and continues to be a huge blessing in our home. Tineke loves music (especially playing the organ with daddy), and dancing when she hears other people playing. She had a great visit with her Opa & Oma Luiting this past week and is pretty lonely with just her mama around now. As you can see, feeding Tina is a big job. She loves to "help" and as a result, she needs a bath after meals quite often. Thanks to a trick from my mom, she is eating more solids now but she still doesn't love them. I don't push too hard because she is still satisfied with a bottle and continues to sleep well for both naps and at night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

tineke at six months

Happy half birthday, little girl! Where has the time gone? Your days are filled with exploration, development of new skills, laughter and thankfully, sleep!

In the last month, Tineke has learned to grab toys on purpose and is working on sitting up by herself. She has also begun to squirm backwards and in circles, but can't figure out moving forward quite yet. She has tried food but hasn't found anything that she loves. We're still working on it. I've figured out that pureed foods don't have as much of a draw as whole foods but I am hesitant to give her anything that's too hard or big. Last night she gnawed on a slice of apple and this afternoon ate tiny pieces of banana. She gags on oatmeal no matter what consistency I make it and hates strawberries and cauliflower. 

We're not sure if Tineke is cutting teeth or not; she gets red cheeks from time to time and continues to suck/chew on her fingers but I don't see anything coming through yet.

And that's that! Another month older - time ticks on and I do my best to cherish each day that I'm blessed to stay home with her.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tineke at five months

Five months in, this baby girl is finally growing!! That is the most remarkable change in her this month. Around Christmas she started drinking a couple bottles of formula each day and since then she's really chunked up. Tineke continues to be a happy, finger sucking, foot kicking baby. She has begun to sleep 12+ hours at night and still takes 3 naps during the day, so we are a well rested crew! 

This picture (above) was taken about a month ago before we started supplementing with formula. Compare to the top picture (today) and see just how much she's grown!

It's hard to tell but Tineke has been labelled in this picture. You know, just in case we forget her name.

Tina LOVES her daddy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tineke at four months

Tineke had a really big month! She has accomplished several new skills, including rolling over (both front to back AND back to front), sleeping in the crib, and getting the hang of nursing at last! She accomplished all of these things within one week. Go big or go home!! The following week was a pretty cranky one as she adjusted to all her new skills, but we're on the up and up once again.

She is a generally smiley little girl, and her giggles & screams of delight are the highlight of my day. This age is so much fun! I am truly thankful that we are past the newborn stage. Sure, I miss the squishy little babe that came home from the hospital four months ago, but we have happily traded in the woes of acid reflux and the "fourth trimester" and eagerly embraced this stage of daily discovery.

Happy four months to our beautiful little girl!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tineke at Three Months

Three months is a happy milestone! At three months, Tineke can roll onto her side, entertain herself on the activity mat for up to a half hour, bounce in the jolly jumper, "talk" to anyone who will listen, and smile at everyone she sees.

About two weeks ago, we put Tineke on reflux medication, and since then we have had a changed baby. Gone are the hours of crying for no reason! She is so easy to read now, and it makes it easier for Shayne and I to relax a bit. Her happiness is contagious! Her whole body gets involved in a smile, almost like she's silently giggling. She's also ticklish, so that's fun.

Tineke and I visited my family in Ontario for a week this past month. She had a great time with Oma and Opa and all her aunts and uncles! Tina slept well thanks to a borrowed pack n play and swing. I especially enjoyed how Oma and Opa played with Tina in the morning so I could sleep a bit longer.

Tina has been fighting a cold since the end of October but it doesn't seem to bother her much. Snot bubbles are pretty gross though! Poor baby.

One of Tina's favourite activities is to watch TV. She could seriously watch as long as I let her. Maybe even an hour at a time. I try not to let her watch too much, but it certainly buys us a few extra minutes of happy before nap time! 

Speaking of nap time, she's got a good routine going on, so I try to stay home as much as possible to help her keep it up. However, nights aren't great yet. She's still up two-three times each night. Meh. It won't last forever.

We had a three month checkup with our family doctor on Thursday and it turns out Tina hasn't gained any weight since she had her two month immunizations in October. I sat her down for a good talking to and said we have to concentrate on gaining weight in the next three weeks (we have another checkup) because she is three months and not even 11 lbs yet! Skinny minny. ;) At least we're getting good wear out of her clothes! She currently wears a few items that she's had since birth, and if we didn't cloth diaper, most of her pants would fall right off her bum.

One more photo before I close: baby selfies! Tineke absolutely loves to see herself in the camera and hams it up every time. She can be mid cry, see herself, and instantly start smiling! Silly, loveable girly!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Tineke at Two Months

Tina's two months old! Well, she has been since October 23rd, but I'm dreadfully late in posting about her new accomplishments.

Baby acne is no more! Crossed eyes are also becoming a thing of the past. Tina only crosses them when she's really tired now. Or when she's pooping. It's part of the poop face. ;)

Tina still really loves her swing and usually has at least her morning nap in it. She's starting to settle into a napping schedule - up by 8 for about an hour, a long morning nap followed by a couple hours of wake time, then a shortish nap, up for a little while, and another shortish nap. Then she stays up 'til about 8, so the evening hours can be pretty cranky. Tina has started surprising us with an 8 or 9 hour night once a week. Usually it's Sunday because they are such exhausting days for her. I'm thankful for those nights because I come out feeling well rested, too!

Tina is allowed in our bedroom once a week - Saturday morning - for some giggles and cuddles! On this particular morning she conked out again from all the fun!

Tina definitely prefers her mom, but is pretty good with her dad too. She will stare at him with intense eyes & occasionally even smiles for him.

My goofy little girl! Love her wide range of expressions.

Our first family photo! We definitely missed out on newborn photos, but hopefully we'll get our act together before Christmas so I can send out a photo card. 

Big smiles, crazy eyes, and now cooing & gurgling with the occasional giggle are becoming daily occurrences in this house. It's fulfilling to see a happy baby from time to time so I try to document those happy times as often as I can!

Hehe - my baby looks like she partied a little too hard. ;)

Tineke and I took a nice long walk up to our neighbour's house a few weeks ago. She loves outside and being cuddled with mama in the wrap. She doesn't love being still so if I wear her at home I have to keep moving. I wore her at the grocery store last week and she loved it! So many people and things to see! I also got a lot of compliments from people (especially older women) who thought it was "so nice" that I was wearing my baby. Baby wearing for the win!

Tina can be on her own for a few minutes at a time now! Woohoo!! She likes her vibrating bouncy seat, especially when its paired with TV and a soother. Sometimes we get 15 minutes of happy alone time! I usually fold laundry or wash dishes so she can still see me & that seems to help extend our time, too.

Lest I lead you astray into thinking I have a totally happy baby, here's a picture of reality!! If Tina doesn't like something SHE LETS YOU KNOW. She goes from happy to mad in 5 seconds & its difficult for her to calm down when she's gotten so upset. In particular she doesn't like the car seat, and she lets us know by screaming at the top of her lungs for most of every car trip. It's pretty awful and often leads to more than one of us crying, so we're trying a few different car seats to see if that helps. I've also started sitting in the back seat to try to calm her down (and re-insert the soother) but we haven't found a great solution yet. We're trying to avoid buying a convertible car seat since they're expensive and a bit of a pain with a newborn, although I've heard from many women that it made a huge difference with their little ones. Perhaps when she learns to soothe herself things will be better. Until then...we soldier on.

Here she is, our beautiful, smiley, tall and skinny little Tineke Katherine at two months old! She weighs 10 lbs 6 oz and is in the 90th percentile for length. Overall she's in the 20th percentile for size but my public health nurse told me not to be concerned because it's probably just her genetics since I'm built the same way. We did manage to put away the newborn clothes midway through the month, and we've found that Carter's clothes fit the best for now!

We love our Tina!
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