Home Update

July 4, 2014

Just popping in for a quick minute to talk home renos. It's been a flurry of work, and we're into small projects that make a big impact right now. A little of what we've accomplished in the last two weeks:

  • finished laying flooring on the main level (except the music room & bathroom - we're not doing these two rooms right now)
  • installed trim in the living room, kitchen, working on the dining room
  • filled in and painted the seams of the living room trim
  • purchased and installed wall lights in the bedroom
  • ordered transition strips for between rooms (waiting for these to re-install the doors!)
  • ordered blinds (they should be in a few days before the wedding)
  • scrubbed the bedroom windows (turns out the handles aren't rusty, that was just a ton of grime!)
  • cleaned the main floor bathroom
  • painted the screen door and patio door frames in the living room
  • purchased and installed a bathroom track light
  • painted the hall closets and shelves
  • moved most of my worldly possessions into the basement, waiting for the main level to be cleaned so I can unpack!
With only a few days left until the wedding, we are in a mad dash to complete projects - and try not to start any new ones ;) - so we can move in!

Nine. More. Days.

July 3, 2014

In nine days, we'll be wed! Man and wife. I'm gonna be a wife, y'all!

He and I will no doubt have a lot to learn about each other and about marriage but that's a journey we're willing to make together.

There aren't enough words for how amazing this man is.
In short, I'll say this. My Shayne is wonderful and I praise the Lord for him!

Can. Not. WAIT. to be his Mrs!

Photo credit: Simon Reid Photography

Home Decorating Dreams

June 25, 2014



17 days away from "the big day" and all I can think about is getting into our house and actually living there. Decorating takes time (the Nester had a great post about this yesterday!) but I'm itching y'all. Since none of us can be there right now...join me in dreaming about decorating our home.

Ahhh. It all looks so clean and beautiful!

(each image is linked to give credit where credit is due!)

Ramblings {right now}

June 18, 2014

:: taking a mental break for fifteen minutes

:: exhausted from burning the midnight oil with house & wedding stuff for weeks and months

:: looking forward to our wedding in 24 days, but possibly looking forward to the vacation that comes after, just a little more?? ;)

:: reminding myself to rejoice in these days because they only come once

:: caught up in list after list of details

:: sporting rainy day hair & new navy blue crop pants that FIT!

:: pushing hard to get ahead at the office because this July will be a write-off for productivity

:: dreaming about that calming oasis which is our new bedroom (and wishing I could take a nap in our comfy bed!)

:: thankful that we were able to obtain our marriage license & purchase wedding bands yesterday; thankful that planting season is almost done; thankful for a rainy day brunch with my farming man

:: getting back to work now!

What are you up to?

This is more my (living room) style

June 10, 2014

Looking at these pictures makes me so so happy. Our hard work is starting to pay off. We can nearly call these rooms done! There are only a few more projects to complete before we can live in them!

Here's the project list:

  • remove two layers of carpet
  • remove trim & door
  • re-wire electrical so the light switch is in the living room
    • install dimming switch
    • crawl through a 1.5ft crawl space to install dimmable LED potlights (Shayne's job)
  • scrub, prime, and paint walls (HUGE project)
  • install flooring
  • paint & install baseboard
  • paint & install ceiling trim
  • paint patio door frame
  • paint door to garage
  • paint & install door trim
  • purchase new vent covers
  • move in and start decorating!
With a little more than a month left til the wedding day, I think those are do-able projects. :)

So, what do you think??

PS: for curious minds, the colour is Benjamin Moore's Wickham Gray.