Monday, July 25, 2016

tineke at eleven months

 At eleven months, Tineke loves to play with her friend Kem a lot! She seems to pick up something new from him every time they're together.

 Visiting Grammie & Grandpa is a favourite activity. She especially loves to find all sorts of naughty places to play. I'm not sure Grammie appreciated the "help" with Sunday's dishes.

Ugh. Teeth. This past month she popped her second tooth and is very close to popping three and four. The last week she has been running a low fever and sobbing every time we put her down.

The tears are not constant, thankfully. She's so happy to be climbing around the house! Up the stairs, around the sofas and coffee tables, etc.

Last week Shayne took vacation (ha) to build our monstrous deck! He is nearly finished - just one set of stairs and the railings to complete and then it's a matter of letting the wood dry out before we can stain it. Tineke absolutely LOVED having Daddy home to watch, and I welcomed the distraction as well!

You'd never know from this picture that I had 60 crying, wiggling, crawling away shots and only 3 semi-worthy photos!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

tineke at ten months

Tineke is ten months old today! She now has one tooth, eats pureed food twice/day (willingly!! hallelujah!!), can climb the stairs and pull herself up on anything that doesn't move. She waves hi/bye and can say daddy & hi. This little girl is down to two naps a day, which frees us up to do so much more with our lives! Her favourite activity is going outside. She doesn't care if it's getting the mail, going for a walk, or being allowed to crawl in the grass - if she's outside, she's happy! Tineke has begun to display a temper, and although she is quick to anger, she cools down quickly as well. She understands the word "no", and this is often the cause of her anger - we're working on it. ;) Tina loves people, so the busyness of church is a highlight of her week. She also loves visiting Grammie & Grandpa's farm, even though their dog doesn't love her nearly as much as she loves it. 

With summer's arrival on the Island, we are excited to try new activities! I have 2 months until I'm back to work, and in that time we plan to pack in many beach trips, hikes, walks, and visits with friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

tineke at seven months

This little lady is another month older today! She is full of life and laughter, and continues to be a huge blessing in our home. Tineke loves music (especially playing the organ with daddy), and dancing when she hears other people playing. She had a great visit with her Opa & Oma Luiting this past week and is pretty lonely with just her mama around now. As you can see, feeding Tina is a big job. She loves to "help" and as a result, she needs a bath after meals quite often. Thanks to a trick from my mom, she is eating more solids now but she still doesn't love them. I don't push too hard because she is still satisfied with a bottle and continues to sleep well for both naps and at night.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

tineke at six months

Happy half birthday, little girl! Where has the time gone? Your days are filled with exploration, development of new skills, laughter and thankfully, sleep!

In the last month, Tineke has learned to grab toys on purpose and is working on sitting up by herself. She has also begun to squirm backwards and in circles, but can't figure out moving forward quite yet. She has tried food but hasn't found anything that she loves. We're still working on it. I've figured out that pureed foods don't have as much of a draw as whole foods but I am hesitant to give her anything that's too hard or big. Last night she gnawed on a slice of apple and this afternoon ate tiny pieces of banana. She gags on oatmeal no matter what consistency I make it and hates strawberries and cauliflower. 

We're not sure if Tineke is cutting teeth or not; she gets red cheeks from time to time and continues to suck/chew on her fingers but I don't see anything coming through yet.

And that's that! Another month older - time ticks on and I do my best to cherish each day that I'm blessed to stay home with her.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tineke at five months

Five months in, this baby girl is finally growing!! That is the most remarkable change in her this month. Around Christmas she started drinking a couple bottles of formula each day and since then she's really chunked up. Tineke continues to be a happy, finger sucking, foot kicking baby. She has begun to sleep 12+ hours at night and still takes 3 naps during the day, so we are a well rested crew! 

This picture (above) was taken about a month ago before we started supplementing with formula. Compare to the top picture (today) and see just how much she's grown!

It's hard to tell but Tineke has been labelled in this picture. You know, just in case we forget her name.

Tina LOVES her daddy!
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